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Fairey Swordfish ( Fairey Swordfish )
A very ambitious model for any ARTF manufacturer to attempt, with it's various struts, and complex undercarriage. Who else could make such a fine job of this iconic British aircraft, responsible for several major torpedo raids during the war. It was the Swordfish that gave the Japanese the idea for Pearl Harbour by destroying a large portion of the Italian fleet in Taranto, not to mention more famously sinking the Bismark. Detailed moulded fuselage complete with panel detail Recessed open cockpit perfect for additional scale upgrades Wings are rigged in pairs for easy, no stress assembly Huge 85 " span gives this aircraft great presence Large radial cowl and recessed firewall for easy engine fitment Accurate shape and colour scheme with applied and sealed decals Sprung oleo undercarriage and steerable tailwheel Spray finish using special formula film covering, very realistic! Scale torpedo bomb available Ideal for 30cc engines For the first time you can now own this piece of British WW2 history. Many modellers wouldn't even consider such a time consuming and technical build if it were a kit, but now in ARTF form this is a simple assembly job, saving months of building and covering. Wingspan 85"
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Nieuport 28
Nieuport 28 at nearly quarter scale (1:4.5). Ideal for 1.20 glow or 26cc petrol. A much more manageable size than a true quarter scale bird with all the hard work already done for you! Wingspan: 68" Length: 54" AUW: 12lb. 9oz. Engine: 1.20 glow or 26cc petrol swinging 16x8, 17x8, 18x6
Τιμή: ΜΑΡΤΙΟΣ 2010€       Καλάθι Περισσότερα >>
T-28 Trojan
Flying Dreams T-28B The full size There was about 489 T-28B's built between 1954-1955 and housing the more powerful engine the 1425 HP designed for use with the Navy it superseded the AT-6 Texan.
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Fiesler Storch ( Fiesler Storch )
Fiesler Storch... 93" Wingspan, 1/6th scale rendition of this famous German reconnaisance aircraft. Complete with oleo strutted legs for lovely scale take-offs and landings, fixed leading edge slots and working flaps. Both the ailerons and flaps are suspended under the wing by scale hinges, a real necessity for this aircraft to maintain that scale look. To help avoid excessive structure in the cabin area our Storch has a wire frame in the cockpit with a separate wooden window framework that is removable for easy access to the radio compartment. And a departure from our usual construction means that the Storch also comes with a built up fuselage. Probably one of the most enthusiastic builds the factory have taken on, with I'm sure you will agree excellent results. Το Μοντέλο θα είναι διαθέσημο τον Μαρτιο 2010 ...
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Nieuport-28 Glow/Gas 68 ( YT40 )
Fiberglass Cowl - Max Cowling Comes with dummy engine, even it is almost invisible from outside. Scale machine guns and Stall Horn Pull-pull rudder Comes with steerable tail wheel Wings can be easy disassembled Comes with wing wires Scale look wheels ...
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Pilot-1 27% Scale Stinson 108 ARF, Red/Cream (OVERSIZE) ( YT41 )
Classic scale RC model for gas or electric power ...
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Wingspan: 2798mm (110 inch) ( YT42 )
In the early 1960s Cessna decided to expand their already wide line of light aircraft by entering the agricultural aircraft market. They surveyed pilots and operators of other brands of agricultural aircraft to see what features and capabilities these operators were looking for. The resulting aircraft was a conventional single-seat, piston-powered, strut-braced low-winged agricultural airplane.
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F4U CORSAIR 100IN ( YTxx )
Item: F4U Corsair Engine: 60-150cc Gas Wing Span: 2540MM Length : 2167MM Wing Area: 106.73dm.sq. RTF Weight : 11-15kg Air Foil: 16% Semi- Symmetrical Radio: 6Ch/ 8-12 Servos
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Ju-87 Stuka-B ( Ju-87 Stuka-B )
Length: 1691mm(66. 6”) * Wing span: 2032mm(80”) * Wing area: 60. 3sq. dm(6. 50sq. Ft) * Wing loading: 104. 5g/sq. Dm(34. 2oz/sq. Ft * Flying weight: 6. 3kg(13. 9lbs) * Radio: 6ch & 8servos * Engine: 120 4-cycle ...
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