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RETRACTABLE L/G - 120° TRAVEL - STEERABLE This landing gear allows the front rotation of the leg in the opposite side of the cylinder. It is available with the cam open position from degree to degree among +5 and -5 degree, different to the standard open position of 90 degree. The close position can be regulated from 90 degree to 120 degree in this way it allows the leg and the wheels to come into the fuselage as in the real Jet. The landing gears have two air way in (double effect cylinder) one for the open position and one for the close position. The working can be in three different ways: the first way operates with compressed air for the close position and the spring for the open position. The second one operates both for the open and close positions with the compressed air (in this case the spring can be removed, but if it is left to his place, in case of loosing air from the system the spring inside the cylinder open the landing gears). The third way work for open and close positions trough the hydraulic oil system. This L/G can be used as steerable front landing gear.
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